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New World Offers a Peek into the Desert and the Imposing Greatsword in a New Showcase

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Brimstone Sands is coming to New World next week on October 18th, and Amazon Game Studios is previewing one new aspect of the content coming in the update: The Greatsword. This imposing new weapon gets a preview, along with a new trailer full of peeks at the new desert content and some of the plots you might encounter.

When it comes to adding a new weapon, it’s often a matter of seeing just what’s already missing from the available options, especially when a game allows for mastery of multiple weapon types and fighting styles. With the Greatsword, that was part of the design goal, but versatility was also a key factor. And its size. Because this is one huge sword.

“The Greatsword is a powerful two-handed weapon like the Great Axe or War Hammer, but uses martial techniques rather than sheer power to vanquish foes. An offensive and defensive stance set it apart in terms of gameplay, while unique visual traits make it feel even more distinct.”

The team wanted to create something a little more fantastical to look at, over the top and impressive, but viable and functional. In the dev blog previewing the arrival of the Greatsword there is a breakdown comparing it to other weapons like the War Hammer and Great Axe, in terms of range and how it’s stronger or weaker than the other weapon.

Another special aspect of using this weapon is that it’s reliant on skills and stances. There’s measured technique in mastering this weapon. “Attacks are central to this blade’s core design. It embodies relentless offense paired with aggressive defense. Even defensive skills tend to have some kind of attacking component.”

Stances are themed and will be depicted visually, so you can recognize your stance (or an opponent’s) just by looking. Some of them are:

  • Angelic and Demonic
  • Fire and Water
  • Barbarian and Knight
  • Yin and Yang
  • Order and Chaos

For the full preview, head over to New World for all the detailed comparison breakdowns and details on this new weapon.


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