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New World Now Available on GeForce Now - Still Missing from Amazon's Luna

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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GeForce Now is by far the best game streaming service in terms of costs and performance right now. Whether you’re a New World player who has yet to be able to get into the game because you fear your PC can’t handle it, or maybe you’ve been playing but want to see what the game looks like completely maxed out, now you can on the popular game streaming platform.

Last week, GeForce Now tweeted that the popular Amazon MMORPG New World is available for play through their service. For those unfamiliar with GeForce Now, it is a game streaming service that lets you connect your current game library, and stream it through their service for a high quality and relatively low latency experience. NVIDIA has been consistently adding more games that they support, which will also include some of the newest titles set to release, such as Riders Republic and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

However, Studios must opt-in if they want their games to appear on GeForce Now, and many game studios, specifically those that have publishers with competing stream services, rarely opt-in to allow their titles on GFN. This calls into question the inclusion of the New World on the service, as it has yet to appear on Amazon’s own streaming service, Luna. Earlier this year, we took a look at the Luna+ Service and the Luna Controller. While it wasn’t quite ready for a widespread release at the time, due to inconsistent performance and an extremely limited library, the release of New World was exactly the opportunity Amazon needed to entice gamers to their service.

The Luna service essentially prides itself on the accessibility of running on their Firestick devices, mobile devices, PC’s and even Chromebooks, but their library has been slow to grow, with probably the most notable accomplishment being their inclusion of Ubisoft+ which is a separate subscription that provides access to all of Ubisoft’s games on the service. Ubisoft+ on Luna won’t directly create a competitive edge against a service like GFN, seeing as how NVIDIA also supports Ubisofts library, but at least it’s a start.

Will we eventually see New World on Luna+ or is this a signal that other streaming services are starting to realize that despite their best efforts, GFN is just far better in performance and functionality? That lesson may soon be felt by even the biggest players in the streaming service game, as it was recently reported that the latest update of the Edge Browser on Xbox actually supports GeForce Now streaming. This is especially note worthy because, at this time, Microsofts own streaming service, Microsoft Cloud Gaming, is still in beta, and continues to be plagued with performance problems as it tries to get off the ground. In a recent preview we did on Xbox Cloud Gaming, we determined that, even through Xbox Game Pass is still the best deal in gaming, Xbox Cloud Gaming has a long way to go before it’s considered a real competitor to a service like GFN.

For now, though, gamers that want to play New World without sacrificing visuals, or waiting for that 50GB download can do so through GeForce Now.


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