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New World May Update PTR Opens, Featuring Several New PvP Features, Expedition Mutators, and Combat Tuning

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Amazon has opened up the PTR for the upcoming major update for New World coming in May.  The update features several major changes including 3v3 player vs. player Arena combat, a new PVP reward track, combat tuning, new Expedition Mutators, and a lot more.

This time, to maximize population and encourage grouping, there is only one PTR server in the US East region for this test. Given that this update brings significant PVP updates, having a stable and large enough population to successfully playtest them makes sense. 

For players who have remained patient while New World saw content additions and stabilization work, bug fixes, and server merges, PvP is getting its time to shine. The Amazon Games team aims to bring more fun and more competitive play, but also two new PvP-related currencies. The two new currencies are PvP XP and Azoth Salt. You earn both just by participating in PvP content. There are three notches and every time you level up you will be able to buy and a reward from 3 presented to you from the overall pool. You get to the third level and he will level up and hit a new milestone. This is how PVP leveling and ranking will work.

Also in PvP is the new 3vs3 Arena mode. Arena matches are a small-scale PvP mode with a best of five ruleset. If your team takes three matches, you win loot from a rewards pool that also features some unique housing items.

The update will also include 3 new Expedition Mutators, bringing the total pool up to 27. Some mid-level content is also coming, with The Crusher, episode 2 of the story content featuring the Varangian Knights. The team is also tuning several combat builds, changes, and bonuses through the test.

In quality of life updates, players will also be able to set their pronouns, which will accompany chat and emotes.

The PTR patch notes are extensive, but if you’re looking to participate in the PTR testing phase, it’s worth going through them in full. 


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