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New World May Dev Update Dives into 3v3 PvP, New Mutators, New Story, and What's Ahead

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It’s May, and New World’s latest monthly dev update video is out. This time, the team dives into 3v3 PvP Arenas, upcoming Mutators coming to The Depths, continued Varangian Knights story content, and some of what we can expect in June.

The devs begin with 3v3 PvP Arenas, which is one of the ways that Amazon has to let players find PvP challenges on their servers without needing them to be full-on large scale. Maybe you don’t have time or even a sufficient server population at a particular hour for anything more. Well, queue up solo, in pairs, or in a full team of three and get ready.

Players who queue in numbers less than three will be matched within level bands pegged to the highest-level player (so don’t be level 25 and queue up with someone level 60 in your group if you want a chance). The PvP rewards track accompanies this, which will let you earn XP and the new PvP currency to use, Salt, and is all part of Amazon Games’ promise to show PvP some love. 

The Depths will be getting Mutators that will cycle through. Overgrown, which focuses on nature damage and resistances. Barbaric focuses on physical damage. The last, a new curse, Fiendish will “focus on the nocturnal” (said in a vampire-style accent). The team does place emphasis on the potential for Mutators as challenges and content that will keep players enjoying how to strategize.

It isn’t all non-stop player challenges, as there will be more of the Varangian Knights story with episode 2’s quest chain coming. Expect quests,with three new POIs and four new enemy types, which the devs promise feature some of the most advanced enemy AI.

In June, New World won’t have a huge content update, but there will be updates, fixes, and community events. This will include the XP Extravaganza, which will offer opportunities for progression and maybe even a good time to make some new alts.

For more, check out the May dev update video or see this post over at New World.


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