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New World Makes It Onto Steam's Best Of 2021 Lists Alongside Valheim, Naraka and More

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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New World, despite its struggles, has made Steam's Best of 2021 list, thanks in large part to its incredible showing at launch back in September. The Amazon Game Studios title has made multiple top ten lists on this year's Best Of 2021 on Steam.

While Steam doesn't release specifics on exactly how many units sold, it's solidly one of the most played games on Steam this year, at one point eclipsing over 900K concurrent players at its zenith. Since then the playerbase has waned as new bugs and issues have frustrated some, while others have undoubedtly gone on to content in other MMOs such as Endwalker

However, despite its issues, the MMORPG from Amazon could be considered a short term success as it finds itself topping charts on Steam. Player counts since that initial rush have dropped off considerably, now seeing a top peak player count of just around 145K players over the last 30 days. However, as more content, such as the Winter Convergence event, as well as what the dev team have coming in 2022, many might start to migrate back to Aeternum in order to check out what Amazon has in store.

Joining New World on the top Sellers and Top New Releases lists are games such as Naraka: Bladepoint, as well as indie sensation ValheimValheim joins New World on the Most Played list seeing, at one point, a peak player count of over 200K players.

You can check out the full list, as well the blog post by Steam showing off the titles that have made it in other categories as well, such as the Best of VR, Controller Friendly and much more. As for New World, the developers recently did a run of one of the end-game dungeons in the MMORPG, at the player's request. Additionally, an over 90 minute round table by the devs posted just before the holiday gives some insight into what's next for the MMORPG, as server transfers are being prepped once again for early 2022.


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