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New World Leaderboards Are Live, Mostly, With the Mutated Exhibitions Board Down Until a Fix Comes

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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New World’s Leaderboards are live, with the arrival of the latest update. However, the team has temporarily disabled functionality on the Mutated Expeditions board until they can fix an issue.

Most of the new feature is intact, with the Leaderboards being something that the New World team had been looking to add for a while now. They’ve acknowledged that it took extra time to get everything into place, and they even wished they hadn’t announced it so soon, but now Leaderboards are here. Mostly.

Instead of waiting any longer, the new boards and their categories and dozens of sub-categories are here. The Mutated Expeditions boards are the ones that need a little help though. At first, the team released everything and made an original announcement, asking people to just stay out of the Mutated Expedition board. But as it goes, if you tell people not to do something, some will inevitably do it, right? Doing so would create an issue, but maybe they're later decision reflects some people's inability to keep away. 

In any case, they labeled this instruction as a temporary workaround, but about an hour later, decided to just disable this one section for the time being.

“In order to ensure players don’t encounter issues with player data, we are temporarily disabling the Mutated Expedition Leaderboard until we can fix the root cause of the issue. Will update with an ETA on that fix as soon as we have it.

Note: you will still be able to visit the Mutated Expedition board, but it won’t populate with data, and you will see some incorrect text in the UI while in that screen. We apologize for any potential confusion while we are in this temporary state.”

As of right now, there is no ETA on a fix, but getting this section up and running is likely to be a priority. 

Read the updates over at New World.


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