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New World June Dev Update Talks July PTR, Expedition Changes, Removing Tuning Orbs, and Better Loot

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It’s June, and the New World team’s monthly update video dives into what we can expect from the July PTR, and changes like the  upcoming removal of Tuning Orbs, changes to loot and perks, improving Expedition loot, and better tradeskill progression.

The roadmap updates lead things off. With no big June content update, focus is on the July PTR. However, in a change, Amazon will release the PTR content in stages so players can get to test certain things faster and give feedback to the developers on how fun things are or how challenging they are in order to help them really polish up the update. First up will be the Summer Medleyfaire event and other content in the first PTR release. The new Expedition, Barnacles & Black Powder, will follow, along with the Expedition group finder.

Also relevant to Expeditions is the upcoming removal of Tuning Orbs. A new Expedition limiter system is going to provide what they aim as a more rewarding and simpler system that opens things up to more players. You’ll be able to run 15 dungeons a day. Any orbs you have left are something you should hold onto, because after the update, Once you have left will be replaced by caches that you can use to get rolls on the dungeon bosses. You won’t get the full loot that you would if you did the full challenge, but using them could be to your advantage.

The team also emphasizes buffs to over 150 perks in the game. This should give players some help. A new system will also help boss loot be less random and fit needs more. Expedition specific items will also be something you can salvage, and if you do that, you'll get a resource that you can use to craft a piece that you need.

In addition to salvaging helping you craft gear pieces that you might be missing, salvaging is intended to become even more rewarding with a chance to get a perfect Salvage, which will give you a resource you can use in a number of ways.

Finally, they go into tradeskill progression. Some skills will be leveling faster, like fishing, while others,  like crafting, will start getting you more experience for T4 and T5 crafts. 

For more, head over to New World.


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