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New World January PTR Opens With New Mutated Expeditions and New Upgrade Resource: Umbral Shards

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New World’s January PTR is open today to test out the changes planned for the big January update.

This PTR will have two servers - one in US-east and one in EU-Central and they’re open as of 2pm PT. The content included for the testing includes a new endgame feature: Expedition Mutators. Other features and changes include a new resource, Umbral Shards, which enable gear upgrades, and changes to Outpost Rush, combat, and fast travel.

When it comes to endgame, the community has been asking for some variety, so Amazon’s latest feature aims to add some variety in several ways. Expedition Mutators will change the normal and named enemies within expeditions and change the encounters and shake up what strategies you should consider when taking them on. There will be 10 difficulty levels possible for each Expedition Mutation, rotated each week. 

For testing purposes, this rotation will be sped up so that three Expeditions rotate every 48 hours, for eight potential combinations to test. When the feature is fine-tuned after testing and released, it will work like a ladder, with the goal to work your way to the top through taking on greater challenges as your groups progress by hitting certain thresholds. One of the testing goals is to tune the difficulty right, with an aim for the top challenges to be extremely difficult, but still doable. The rewards promise to match the extra effort.

The Umbral Shard is a new resource that will let you enhance weapons to a gear score of 625 from the soft cap of 600 already possible. You’ll get this new resource from things like completing Mutated Expeditions and for crafting a gear score 600 item with item Expertise of 600. 

For Outpost Rush, Brute Summoning Stone now costs 750 Azoth in an effort to make this less of a solo option. And speaking of Azoth costs, fast travel will be getting a reduction in the amount it costs to travel. With a Faction Control Point bonus, fast travel distance factor will be zero.

For the full list of January PTR changes, how to access it, and the FAQ, head over to New World.


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