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New World Hosting Cook-Off Contest

Culinary Art of War

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Do you like to cook and are patiently waiting for New World? Good news. The team has announced a cook-off contest.

The contest was announced on Twitter earlier. There will be three winners total who will receive a New World Glyph hoodie. The contest is set to end on November 22 at 11:59p PT. They Tweeted out just what you’ll need to do to enter the contest,

“Create a mouthwatering recipe... or a concoction so diabolical that even the Corrupted can't stomach it! Reply to this thread with the following:

 Name of your dish!

Ingredients from this list!

Description of your dish!

 A quick sketch of your dish!”

They also provided an example of a winning entry so you can refer to it as an example in your own culinary endeavors. If you want a preview of the hoodie available as a reward, you can check that out here as well.

Good luck!


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