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New World Headed Back to Alpha Testing, Update Notes Provided

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Steven Weber Posted:
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The latest article on the New World site acknowledges that previous tests have fulfilled their purpose, and now points to the next alpha phase where plans to test new designs, implement changes and hopefully break the game in hopes to better fix it, will be ongoing.

The team has also posted a link to their tester sign-up page. It’s important that, if you’re interested in assisting with the latest alpha test, that you sign up, even if you participated in previous alpha, preview, or density tests. It was also stated that this upcoming alpha test would be for North America only.

“Please note that Previous participation in Alpha Tests, Density Tests, and the Preview Event or your Pre-order status does not guarantee participation in the current Alpha Test. Additionally, at the start of this testing phase, we will only have NA servers, EU servers will be added in the future.”

A long list of update notes was also provided in the post, which the team states will be just the first of many updates headed to the game in alpha. Many of the changes have to do with combat and skill balancing, but there were also gear, AI and progression changes listed. New World had a huge preview event last month, and the team is now implementing what they’ve learned in the upcoming alpha.

If you do sign up for the alpha test, and get chosen, you may want to read up on the 7 things Garrick wishes he knew when he started the preview event, it may come in handy.


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