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New World Has You Covered if You're Starting or Returning For Rise of the Angry Earth

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With the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion launching October 3rd, New World has a new guide to let any new (or returning) players catch up on everything they need to know about Aeternum.

While the guide, written with advice from a few New World streamers, is still more of a summary, it is a good start if you haven’t stepped into the game in a while. New players can catch up and get an idea of all the basics from the sections included. There are new player tips to get you started on your journey. Contributor ArsheeTV notes that, “ New World had a rough start with a lot of bugs. Some remain, but the heart of the game is still really fun….New players today can experience New World how it was supposed to be at launch”.

The revamped main storyline is an important update, with most of the zones in the game having been overhauled based on player experience and feedback, and this will continue with the new expansion and updates. The 1 to 40 main story experience has been highly revamped and should be more welcoming. 

The guide also includes a rundown on weapons, how best to figure out what fits for your playstyle, and more useful info, like an explanation of factions and their importance. What Companies are and how they work is also included. A list shows available PVP and PVE content. 

An entire section is dedicated to tips for returning players. If the initial bugs and issues sent you packing and you're curious to come back and see what's what, you'll probably have an easier time catching up due to the revamps of the 1 to 40 story experience,  as well as changes coming with the expansion that will effectively soft reset gear balance. 

Weapons are also something you can experiment with to find what fits. With the Flail in the new expansion, that one is going to be fresh for everyone so it's a good time to jump in. There are additional rundowns of features and changes that you might have missed if you left the game at some point, including Mutated Expedition changes, the introduction of Heartrunes, and gear set storage.

Find the full guide over at New World. 


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