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New World Has Disabled Wealth Transfers Once Again After Item Dupe Exploit

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New World is once again disabling wealth transfers in order to battle against an item duplication exploit. This time, Amazon is reassuring players that they're working as hard as they can to fix it, but they are also  already actively punishing those who took advantage.

Since New World released in September, players have experienced several times when wealth transfers were disabled to fight exploits. The team released the February update recently and it was dedicated to fixing bugs and  improving  performance. Now, while it's always possible that updating a game will break something,  members of the community that have experienced this several times already, are understandably frustrated.

Given that there is no estimated time when transfers will be back up and available, some community members are calling for a delay or disabling of invasions while trading is disabled because it makes  equipping your company difficult or impossible.  Others are wondering about the impact on the economy and requesting a possible rollback.

Since we've been here before, the Amazon team did update the announcement to say that the team is working to address the cause of the duplication issue and they are also suspending and banning players who took advantage of the exploit during the time it was available. 

“We are also in the process of suspending or banning players who engaged in the use of this exploit, depending on the severity of use, and removing all items they posted in the trading post to further minimize the impact of this bug on world economies.”

Speaking to community frustration, CM TrevzorFTW acknowledged that “exploits suck”  and also requested players to head to the PTR to “ to help us break that build before it goes live” and possibly prevent the next intrusive bug.

For more on the wealth transfer situation, head to the announcement and update at New World.


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