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New World Has Banned Nearly 8,000 Bot Accounts as Amazon Steps Up Work to Keep the Game Fair

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There’s been community concern over suspected botting in New World, as the Amazon  team works to figure out the balance for what the future of the game will look like. They’re exploring server merges and transfers, all while working to make sure that they are doing dedicated work to fight bots and potential exploits.

In a statement provided to MMORPG.com, Amazon says,

“We’re aware of player reports about increased bot activity in New World. Bots pose a persistent challenge for MMOs, and our team has deployed dedicated resources and tooling to identify and combat them. We are committed to continuous improvement in our fight against bots, and yesterday alone, we banned over 7,700 accounts for using bots. Our goal is to ensure New World is fun and fair for all players. We’ll post updates to the New World forums and Twitter as we have them.”

While New World has had a bumpy road post launch, the team keeps working to fix issues and respond to concerns. In addition to banning bot accounts they’ve been taking measures like limiting, and then verifying, Steam family share accounts as well as making changes to early progression to reduce reward and gold in the beginning to make it less lucrative to try and start new characters to harvest, for RMT, or scamming.

They have also banned exploiters,  removed server transfer tokens for new characters as of November 22nd. They explained that after giving accounts a server transfer token, most players who wanted to transfer had already moved their characters. The ability to start a character on a low population server, level and harvest with little competition, and then transfer to somewhere populated was causing issues.

Server merges are also a popular topic, since the Amazon team is looking to find the right way to do this and handle both balance and stability. This week’s New World update did lay the technical groundwork for server merges, so the work banning bots and scammers and tightening things up should also contribute to the desired stability.


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