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New World Gives A Glimpse At New Weapon, The Ice Gauntlet

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After a retweeting goal was reached on Twitter, Amazon's New World broke the ice on a new weapon players can use in Aeternum, the Ice Gauntlet.

The initial video showed a pillar of ice with something encased inside. The Twitter account for Amazon's MMO back on April 6th challenged users to reach a retweet goal of 200 to reveal even more of what was inside. 

As of this writing that initial tweet, as well as a follow-up tweet have garnered over a thousand retweets. 

Underneath all the ice was an Ice Gauntlet, a new weapon coming in New World. While we don't have a detailed breakdown yet of how the weapon works, we can see it in action in a released video clip today. The Gauntlet seems to conjur ice as projectiles, slinging the frozen spells at enemies. Additionally, it looks like the Ice Guantlet can summon area-of-effect skills like a blizzard to damage foes in combat based on the video.

The Gauntlet can also lay down a trail of ice shards, damaging a foe from a distance. While the 20-second trailer doesn't offer much of a glimpse, rather a taste of an update to come maybe, it's interesting to see another weapon type be added to the mix in New World. Before the MMO seemingly relied on traditional weaponry, like swords, bows, rifles and more. While the MMO has always leaned into the supernatural with the addition of Azoth as a resource used to draw on magical power, this is one of the few instances we've seen of it really in action other than a healing staff or a fire stave. We've seen Gauntlets teased in artwork before, so seeing one in action definitely is sure to bring excitement to those looking for another way to lean on the arcane elements of the MMO.

New World was delayed out of Spring 2021, instead being slated for end of August of this year. Recently though, as the team works towards this new release date after multiple delays since last year, the team is working on group PvE expeditions as well as adding a new zone to its ongoing alpha as we inch closer to launch.


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