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New World Getting Another Round of Server Merges, With Some Regions Left With One Server

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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New World is getting another round of server merges this Friday, affecting all regions. This follows a brief downtime for now-completed preparation for the merger process this week.

When server merges happen, of course, it could be for any number of reasons, but population is always one of the primary ones. This new round of merges comes in the months following New World’s big PvP update, so populations are even more important if you’re trying to grow and support your PvP community. 

When this merge happens on Friday, US-West will be left with two servers, El Dorado and Yggdrasil, as both Camelot and Lilliput are merging into El Dorado. US-East will keep four servers. What’s interesting about the US-East merge is that one of the existing servers, Pluto, has most recently still been listed as full. Pluto will merge into Castle of Steel, along with Silha. 

As for the other regions, Australia will keep one server, Delos. South America also gets one remaining server, Devaloka. EU-Central will be left with six servers, Aaru, Abaton, Barri, Dry Tree, Nysa, Tartarus. Some of the ones being merged have also been most recently listed as full on the server status page, but these more streamlined, fewer servers across regions should at least start to give a boost to local populations and make it easier to find teams.

Given that New World added so many PvP features, including the rewards track and PvP XP and currencies, as well as the long-awaited group finder. With major updates still on track, this latest round of server merges has a chance of consolidating population enough to give those who are actively playing a better shot at getting groups together to make it all work.

For more on New World’s server merges, including the full list of affected servers, see the update here.


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