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New World Game Director Issues Letter to the Community

Talks PvP, PvE, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Scot Lane, Game Director on New World, just issued a letter to the community addressing closed alpha and more.

He discussed the ongoing conversation of PvE and PvP, citing, “Our vision is to create a world where the playstyles of PvP and PvE players will not only coexist, but will complement each other.  We know this can be a challenging balance to strike, but we will iterate on our game design until we accomplish it.”

For PvP players, he mentioned the systems being built to support this like factions, crafting, town projects, town progression, war, corrupted breaches, influence, missions, and the soon-to-be invasions. He cited motivations for PvP like rewards, controlling the space, dominating others, and high stakes. Other features like influence race, coin rewards for PvP, and PvP damage scaling are, “getting closer to reflecting the higher risks in PvP with better rewards.”

He continued,

“We are not trying to build a Theme Park MMO. So far, the results have been good. Our first player to reach level 60, Gilden, did only 38 missions along the way, while our second player to hit 60, Nuko Miko did over 700 missions.”

Scot spoke about listening to feedback to help the team balance TTK, refine damage scaling in PvP (which is coming next release), rebalance equipment load, and improving quests by keeping quest objectives, “closer to home.”

Scot then shifted back to PvP and stated this,

“I’ve seen the discussions and want to be transparent and clear that we have no plans to bring back open world full loot PvP. The vision is a world where PvP and PvE players can coexist and complement each other, which could not be achieved with full loot open world PvP. We will continue pursuing our vision, adding features and content aligned to our pillars and we are excited to embark on this path together!”

Check out the full letter here.


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