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New World Forged in Aeternum Answers Community Questions on Updates, PvP, and Roadmap

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New World’s latest new video series, Forged in Aeternum, is taking a slightly different course this week. After debuting with a casual chat on playstyles, followed by an episode on lore, now the team is answering community questions following the December dev update.

The questions, and really, some comments, are derived from social media responses to New World’s recent updates, so the team is addressing some of the criticism too, though with real info on what’s coming. The first such question effectively called the recent updated roadmap lacking, and questioned the devs’ level of work. The person also called out a perceived lack of PvP content.

However, as they noted, the updated roadmap is more of an outline of features that they’re “reasonably confident” about. With development, there are always things that are in the works but not yet announced. Scot Lane also noted that one of their features announced on the roadmap slipped out of its original planned timeline. That’s Leaderboards, which are now set for February, before the next major content update.

They’re also responding on what the next weapon might be, but it is likely to do with Focus/support. They didn’t rule out what the person asked about, daggers, but they’re already working on something not ready to be announced. One very solid answer was that yes, with the upcoming transmog, prepare to dye skins.

The rest of the community Q&A is forward looking in response to some of the questions, including discussion of features that they have named in the recent roadmap update, like cross-server Outpost Rush. The conversation goes back a couple of times into the realities of game development, how much is going on behind the scenes, and how segmented it is, but the team does their best to outline the process and to listen to what the concerns are.


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