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New World February Dev Update Looks Ahead to 'Bugs, Bots, and Balance' Patch After Feedback

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 The New World team has posted the February 2022 development team update and it's packed with reflection and consideration of player feedback on  update along with what to expect in the February update dedicated to fixes.

As with previous developer updates, there is a video you can watch with game director Scot Lane and other members of the team. One of the topics they highlight is player friction, which some members of the community have been bringing up as getting in the way of them being able to just have fun. Some mechanics just feel like a slog, and they acknowledge that they’re listening.

They admit that some of the items and mechanics that are still in the game are from the previous ideas they had for what was supposed to be more of a survival and crafting game. What they're looking to do is pare down some of these things in order to basically get out of players' way. The February update will include some of these  adjustments like reducing the cost of azoth travel, reducing recovery time at an inn, and other improvements that should make the experience smoother.

Also the focus of the February update is what they are calling "bugs, bots, and balance". All the things we should see are fixes to systems and errors that happened as a result of the November through January updates as well as fixing some of the issues that arose from them. Essentially this is the promised update focused on fixing things and includes more than 700 repairs.

Additional topics include combat and game modes.  players have had issues with PVP from population to clunky movement and freezing in place other than jumping. These awkward bugs that would leave players stuck when they just wanted to have a good old competition. There will be updates to movement and speeding up melee combat. There are also fixes coming to Outpost Rush that should let more players participate and earn better rewards. The February update will have better weapons from caches, more expertise bump chances, faction tokens, and an overhaul of the scoring.

You can view the video and see the dev responses and focuses for the update here at New World.


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