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New World Explains Next Server Merges and Re-Enables Trading

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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New World has re-enabled player trading after patching a recent exploit, and extended its suspension of the Company leave cooldown just a bit longer. This comes as Amazon is clarifying this week’s Return to Aeternum and Fresh Start server merges.

Amazon will be merging Return to Aeternum servers with Fresh Start worlds this week.

In order to reassure the community, the team laid out some of their assessments and comparisons to explain the decision to merge Return world into Fresh Start worlds. “In short, the average user coming from a Return to Aeternum World with these merges has less coin than the average user on their destination Fresh Start World,” the team notes. They've also provided the list of affected servers.

These merges will begin on December 14th at 11 PM PST / December 15th at 2 AM EST. the servers that are being merged into others should already have messaging about the move.

When it comes to disruptions, suspending trading is one of the bigger ones, but the team did re-enable trading over the weekend, along with a thorough explanation. This was done at first on all servers except Sutekh, which was where most of the exploitation took place. The later update after trading was fully restored was in part to explain just why disabling trading while they handled this issue was of some urgency, especially now that there are fresh start servers in operation as well. The update from the devs gives an idea of how intricate some of these exploitable circumstances are.

“The bug was used by a small number of players, specifically targeted at Thick Hide. The nature of the bug is that items gained had to be related to the specific contract which also needed to be in a specific error state, so it was very rare to occur.”

New World has also gotten a slight extension on the Company leave cooldown, along with temporarily disabling the war roster mercenary limits. These will lift at the same time as the downtime for the server merges, December 14th, 11PM PST. You should have already locked in your Company if you don’t want the cooldown applied when you log in.

For more, head to New World.


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