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New World Ending Legacy of Crassus, New Patch to Fix Several Glitches With Items and Abilities

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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New World’s next update is coming starting tonight, with a focus on fixes and improvements. Several glitches that involve locked items will be addressed, along with some minor potential exploits, and more.

Locked items are the source of several glitches. In one case, locked items show up as player-bound. In another, players are having trouble transferring locked items to storage. A separate issue is also allowing equipped locked items to be transferred to a bag on the ground. These are all being fixed in the new patch, which is set to go live when downtime begins at 11PM PST / 7AM UTC.

As for issues that are potentially exploitable, one involves abilities where cooldowns are’t getting correctly applied, letting them be used multiple times. Related issue is letting players Dodge more times than they should be without consuming Stamina. Finally, when it comes to faction missions, there is an issue that has been allowing players to bypass the PVP Faction Mission requirements and simply go on to Patrol Territory quests without fulfilling those prerequisites.

The patch will also fix a bug related to crafting failure, and another one that has the “leave Company” popup displaying every time some players talk to their Faction representative. 

While the issues that this week’s patch is looking to fix might seem on the messier side, the New World team has worked on their response over time, and seems to have sought to minimize disruptions whenever possible. While something like  being able to use your abilities multiple times without cooldowns is a bit of an exploitable bug, it’s not so damaging that it can’t be dealt with in a weekly patch.

Today, March 7th, also marks the final day of the Legacy of Crassus event,so if you haven’t gotten your fill of shinies, you have a little longer to go knock down time cyclops bosses.

Read the notes over at New World.


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