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New World Enables Character Creation After Downtime, While the Community Has Questions

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 Character creation is once again possible in New World, after yesterday’s decision to disable the feature across all regions. After some downtime, new character creation is up and running globally.

However, while the team did announce roughly two hours in advance that there would be downtime that would last several hours, there was still no reason given for why character creation was halted across the board in the first place. For anyone who has paid any attention to the game, New World has had a bumpy post-launch period, but the team has been active in working to address the issues. While character creation is back and downtime performed, the community is taking notice and asking about the lack of info as to just what happened and what was addressed.

When it comes to MMORPG maintenance, plenty of players are used to the ups and downs of a team running a huge game. However, disabling a significant feature of the game, whether that’s player to player trading or character creation, even for a short period of time without any information as to why they were done, is going to raise questions. 

Amazon has been clear that they’ve been hearing feedback and that they have vowed to do better after the post-launch woes and ongoing issues. Some within the community consider that there may be some behind the scenes work to combat botting or other reasons that they might not necessarily want to release full info about just yet. 

It would be plausible enough, since there have been a series of changes made so far to help with these issues, like push back main quest rewards in order to discourage new mule characters or prevent bots from racking up early rewards and gold. Yet, for now, the feature has been restored and everything seems to be working as intended.

For more, see the update over at New World.


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