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New World Disables Wealth Transfers Again to Battle New Gold Dupe Exploit

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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On the heels of another exploit circulating, Amazon game studios has disabled wealth transfers in New World once again. This is not unexpected, as when they re-enabled wealth transfers last time, the post mentioned that they might disable them again should there be any other exploits or bugs that came to light.

While New World has had a very bumpy launch over the past six weeks or so, the Amazon team does continue working to get things in working order. Today's announcement comes on the heels of another duplication exploit that has been circulating recently. And while there's no word on when wealth transfers will be back, last time it took a few days, after which players needed to catch up on their expenses and taxes.

After the last several gold exploits,  Amazon did promise to ban those that it found took advantage, and indeed some bans and punishments were handed out. Other methods that the team used were to disable Family Sharing  on Steam at first (re-enabling it for those it found used them legitimately) and to raise level requirements for trading and to move the initial early levels rewards a little bit further into the game to dissuade people from creating new accounts solely to farm gold. These steps may have helped, but clearly, the player base has been finding new ways to get unfair advantages and, as a result, affect those who are spending their days just wanting to play the game.

With server population imbalances and merges in the works, these issues complicate matters so frequently that the cumulative frustration has been taking its toll within the community. The latest exploit shows further weaknesses in the system and if this is patched and fixed quickly, with some action against those that took advantage, it will help.

For more on New World’s once again disabled wealth transfers, see this post for info and updates.


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