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New World Devs Talk Next Update, Regional Transfers Coming, and PVP Getting Lots of Love

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 The New World development team is back with a brand new developer video for April discussing the upcoming update, events, and answering questions from the community. 

First up, Katy Kaszynski and Greg Jones talk about the next update, which is currently on the New World PTR. The last major update was full of new content, this update is more about fixes and adding quality of life updates and additional enhancements. Some of the changes highlighted by the developers include auto zoom when you enter a settlement so the map is already there when you open it. Another thing that Jones highlights is targeted healing.

There are also additions like updated quest icons that show you whether the quests are complete or  still in progress. Jones highlights that in this update, they’ve continued making progress on fixing all sorts of bugs and issues across the game, saying they’ve fixed an additional 1500 bugs since the February update, on top of the over 700 fixed in the big fixes update. As a result of both the extensive fixes, polish, and improvements, they feel that New World is beginning to really come together and show its potential.

The team then dives into prior and upcoming events, including positive response to the free play weekend and the recent double XP weekend and say there will be more of these. The Corrupted rabbits currently available to hunt also gets some attention. 

While you can test out the next update over on the PTR, there’s also some coverage in the dev video looking beyond that update towards a major focus on PVP.. They’re working on what they’re calling a PVP Reward Track, with XP and a new PvP “salt” currency. This will let them reward all kinds of PVP activity and progression. These will also count the upcoming PVP Arenas. 

More also coming includes an Expedition Finder (which will include roles), and the next update will also lay the groundwork for regional server transfers.

For more, see this PTR update.


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