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New World Devs Community Q&A is All About Season 2, PvP Improvements, and the Future

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New World has a new community Q&A, and Scot Lane and Dave Verfaillie are talking Season 2: Blood of the Sands, and beyond.

Season 2 is coming on July 6th, and this time, Brimstone Sands will be central to the story. The Silver Crows will return, keeping the ongoing narrative link, but there will be a whole new plot, new Season Pass, rewards, new activity card, and the arrival (finally) of the sand wurm Trial.

One of the community questions  asks why the upcoming Hatchery Trial is not a permanent feature. What Amazon is doing with the seasonal model is introducing new trials and activities that tie into the story and the seasonal themes, but they do note that if they're popular and there's demand, there may be ways to bring that content back.

Another anticipated feature on the way in Season 2 is Transmog. As you collect new styles, you'll have a visual representation of everything you can collect on the collection screen. You’ll be able to earn transmog tokens via the Season Pass, but there will also be other ways to get your hands on them. Some will be a rare find in game, by a method there's still determining, and Amazon Prime Gaming will offer some. 

New 3v3 Arenas are on the way, and there will be new rewards, including a chest, so it’s not just PVP experience and Azoth salt. Open world PVP will get more improvements in Season 3 down the line too, including an Influence revamp.

A question on Outpost Rush asked whether raid groups will be enabled, and it won't happen,for balance reasons, until they get better matchmaking. Verfaillie acknowledges that they aren’t there yet, and this is “going to be far in the future”, but it’s in the works, and they’ll consider raid groups in OPR only then.

Season 2 is coming, and there’s a lot on the way across its updates. Check out the full Q&A (which features a few First Light hints) and head to New World for more.


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