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New World Devs Answer Community Questions on Content, Botting, and More in Forged in Aeternum

The PTR will be ready for testers again soon.

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The New World team has a new Forged in Aeternum video, this time with the first community Q&A of the 2023. This week, they answer questions that have come directly from the community via social media and the official forums.

Questions answered once again span from pure inquiries to ones with a heavy dose of criticism. One asks about why we’re seeing certain updates happen while other problems linger for a long time and how players might be leaving as a result. To fix something or change a feature vary in time required, where bug fixes might be a quick fix but changing something in the game system will take a longer time. 

Game Director Scot Lane also makes a good point in saying that issues that are  important to some people are not necessarily the ones that are important to others. The team, including community and support reps weigh in at meetings on what seem to be the most bothersome or critical points to address. So, that thing you really hate might be mostly bothering you and a few other people, while another issue might have gotten a lot of chatter and will see a faster fix.

On botting, without giving too much away, they lay out a sense of some of the ways that they combat against bots, and believe there’s notable progress over the past year. 

Other topics addressed include whether the latest roadmap is too PVE-centric, what their plans are for Corrupted Portals, and how to have better weapon balance for both PvE and PvP.

Meta changes are in the works, such as to have perks more reliant on your armor type. This change, in part, comes as light armor can be a bit too functionally safe in the current meta thanks to things like perks. Important decisions are on the way 

Many discussed changes and more will be headed to the PTR very soon. Also coming to the PTR? Blue healing, ice storms, and otherwise jazzed up War and Outpost Rush.

For more, watch the complete video and head to New World. 


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