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New World - Developers Thank Players Post Density Test, Point to August 25th Preview

Now Time For, Density's Child

Steven Weber Posted:
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The New World Density Test is now in the books as Amazon Game Studios has tweeted to all adventurers that their next chance to stain Aeternums soil is August 25th. AGS believes that they have been granted crucial information from this test that will enable New World to perform better in the future.

New World began its Density Test July 30th and while some players complained of performance issues, it seems that many who were able to test had a great experience and are looking forward to the August 25th Preview.  The tweet from the New World twitter account didn’t expand on what they learned from this test, but they do appear appreciative.

Despite a Density Test being run, which most would equate to a stress test, New World is still more than 6 months out from release. Perhaps it is possible that AGS has decided that it’s never too early to stress the servers, and that is a sentiment that most players who have been present during an MMORPG launch can get behind.


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