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New World Details Its PVP Vision In Recent Blog Post

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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PvP was always a major part of New World ever since its first inception, and the team took to their blog recently to talk about their vision for PvP in their MMO.

PvE and PvP are both integral parts of the New World  experience, however PvP itself has been the focus of many, especially with the various wars and faction vs faction gameplay teased in previews and more. The team at Amazon took to the blog to talk about their vision and how they see PvP in New World.

The team's goals for PvP is that the two can "coexist and compliment" each other, giving players more ways to play by "bouncing back and forth" betwen the two modes. 

"It’s important to us that players choose how they want to play. Our vision for New World is to have PvP and PvE gameplay not only coexist, but complement each other so players can bounce back and forth between focusing on PvP and PvE. Our goal is for players to receive equal rewards for the same time invested with similar risk."

The blog post goes on to talk about the newly revealed fort faction control points which are now able to be fought over outside of wars and invasions. Outpost rush is a new mode that results in 20 vs 20 battles, seeing players fight over three points: Luna, Sol and Astra. It reads like standard control point fare seen in other games, with each team rushing to get to 1000 points first. PvP kills factor into the point total, and you'll need to also make sure you're defending your outposts and supplying them with resources found throughout the fight.

You can check out the full post on the New World blog. Recently the team announced it was adding the Ice Gauntlet to the Alpha for testing, bringing some more magic weapons to New World. While Amazon had planned on releasing their MMO this Spring, unfortunately the game has been delayed till the end of August. However, not all delays are a bad thing, as hopefully this provides more time to truly ensure when it releases it doesn't have the same fate as other Amazon titles lately.


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