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New World Delays Heart of Madness Update to Tomorrow

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Ahead of the originally planned release of the Heart of Madness update for New World, Amazon Games has decided to delay it to tomorrow, Wednesday, March 30th in order to fix a bug they found late in the process.

For those who  have followed New World’s launch and post-launch development and progress, there have been a number of issues, including delays and downtime. Delaying this huge update for a day seems like a very carefully considered decision since it should hopefully avoid having to fix the bug and potential additional damage later.  The PTS is also extended into Wednesday.

While there’s no word on the nature of the bug that led to the delay, that they are focusing on fixing it and getting it properly tested before releasing the update is a move that makes sense. 

Heart of Madness is indeed a huge update. It will conclude the main storyline with new quests and a new Expedition to take on, concluding the storyline and spilling Isabella’s secrets if you can catch up with her and take her on. There’s also the new Blunderbuss weapon, with its two trees, and the new Legendary Weapon Quest system that is debuting with this patch. Aeternum is also going to look a little different, with the addition of various points of interest, as well as some NPCs and creatures aimed at letting mid-level players have a chance at great rewards, following feedback that mid-game can drag.

While New World’s player numbers have dropped considerably, the update to the storyline and additional endgame content and PvP features might grab some players back to see just what’s going on and what has changed. Additional changes, like the fact that both health and mana will regenerate while out of combat should ease some of the player healing burdens too. 

Heart of Madness is currently set for release tomorrow, but no time has been revealed just yet. See the update over at New World.


Christina Gonzalez

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