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New World Delays Expedition Group Finder For Additional Work

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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One of the helpful features originally set to arrive in New World next week was the Expedition Group Finder. The Amazon Games team has decided to delay its release for additional work and some extra testing. This also comes at a time where there are some reported stability issues they’re working to address.

The most recent update did introduce musical instruments and bring the Summer Medleyfaire event to Aeternum. The newest Expedition, Barnacles and Black Powder and some related changes were all set to go live next week, and while the Expedition and new Mutations will be available with next week’s update, there’s no new date for the group finder yet. 

“There is some additional scale testing needed on Group Finder, to ensure this feature is a smooth experience for all. We are actively working on this, and as soon as it is ready, we will let you know its new release date

You can still expect the new Expedition, Barnacles and Black Powder (both normal and Mutated) and the new Mutations to be released in the next weekly update.”

Of course, delaying this tool when a brand new expedition is coming, along with some significant changes like Turning Orb removal and Perfect Salvage is not ideal, but if it’s not working, it’s not working. Sometimes holding something back so it launches smoothly might be the best bet. Given some of the past issues with New World it may be the best call, despite the impact to being able to find groups when the new features go live.

This delay comes at a time where there  have been reported stability issues with New World following the Summer Medleyfaire update. This also comes after another wave of recent server merges, and the team is working on getting things stable and mitigating the issues.

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