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New World Continues Server Merges with First Merge of 2022 Planned for February 8th

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Amazon Game Studios is preparing their first server merge of 2022 between the Avalon and Ramaja worlds in the Central EU region. Players were warned of the merge earlier this month as New World prepared for the merge of Ramaja on February 4th.

Server merges have become a necessity for numerous reasons in New World. Back in December of 2021, Amazon Game Studios merged hundreds of servers, as they attempted to rebalance factions, and provide an influx of players to servers with severe population loss. Although this is only the first merge of 2022, Amazon Game Studios states that many more are on the way. Last month we reported on the massive drop of active players on Steam, with more than 90% of daily players no longer logging in compared to their all time high of 900K players.

New World has run into several issues post-launch. Gold dupes, problematic server queues, and combat bugs were just some of the problems that players encountered, and were certainly one of the reasons New World has had a difficult time retaining players. In the January 25th patch, more bugs surfaced, resulting in disappearing items and more. Luckily, AGS was able to get a handle on the problems with an emergency patch a day after, that fixed some inventory problems, but additional fixes finally rolled out last week meant to tackle some of the ongoing issues related to items disappearing when dropped and picked up too fast.

Despite some of the problems, New World has still managed to garner a strong player base. Daily active players are still in the tens of thousands of gamers, but they may see another substantial drop in players when Amazon Game Studios launches the popular MMO Action RPG by Smilegate, Lost Ark, which releases February 11th. Whether you’ve stuck with New World or plan to move on, Amazon Game Studios wants players to know that they have a lot more in store, with a bunch of new content on the way. Read more about what’s coming down the pipe in our recent interview with world experience lead, Mike Wilette.


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