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New World Continues Server Merges, This Time Between Fresh Start and Return to Aeternum

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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New World is getting more server merges starting tomorrow. This time, Amazon is looking to merge some of the Fresh Start servers and Return to Aeternum servers in order to balance things.

This process follows last week’s server merges affecting legacy servers that had seen population shifts, often to Fresh Start servers or the Return to Aeternum servers. It’s all in the name of balancing out the populations, and housekeeping after Amazon had opened more capacity to support New World’s growing population after several notable improvements and the Brimstone Sands update. The team wanted to ease the possibility of queues and to help make Fresh Start and Return to Aeternum smoother launches, and had opened backup servers to ensure this. 

“Unfortunately, some of these worlds never reached a peak population. To address these low population Fresh Start Worlds — which includes former Return to Aeternum worlds now that the event has ended — we will be merging several of these across all regions.”

With these servers opened as events, it was always going to be something that would be addressed in the end. When it comes to how the server merges will happen, the New World team has backtracked on one plan. Return to Aeternum servers that are merging will be merged into legacy servers. They will not be merged into Fresh Start servers. This is a change that the team explained was a practical one:

“They’re now more in line with the Legacy worlds and merging into Fresh Start Worlds would negatively impact those worlds and economies. We understand that this isn’t aligned with what we previously stated, but believe this will provide for a better player experience.”

Server merges will happen across all regions and will begin tomorrow at 6 AM PST/ 9 AM EST. For a list of all affected servers and updates on the process, read the announcement at New World.


Christina Gonzalez

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