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New World Continues Patching Brimstone Sands Bugs, With Some Workarounds Until More Fixes Come

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The New World team continues patching some of the issues that have come up since the Brimstone Sands update this week.  A patch was deployed today to address some issues, and to temporarily make some changes until some of the other issues can be fully fixed.

With Brimstone Sands, Amazon has been working to fix the issues quickly, especially with the recent growth in population and anticipation, including all the new servers and those who returned ready for the new content. This update addresses some other issues that were affecting the game, including a login issue, crafting bonuses not always displaying in the UI, (but being awarded correctly), and another error that was disrupting players’ ability to sell or buy things on the trading post.

Some of the issues have not been able to be fully addressed just yet. Amazon has put in a workaround for some named AI, which have had their drops temporarily removed and relocated into sarcophagi throughout the new zone of Brimstone Sands. Until these encounters can work properly, at least loot is still accessible somehow while the community waits for a fix there as well.

Brimstone Sands is a huge release for New World after a first year of live service that, at times, was full of frustrating bugs that Amazon sometimes had to address by disabling game content. There are still some issues they have to fix with Brimstone Sands, but the fixes this week have been handled with temporarily disabling minimal content, and now, a workaround for some misbehaving NPC drops.

The full patch notes have a list of all affected named NPC encounters, along with some other issues that were addressed today. Given that the workaround for those NPCs means that there will be more fixes incoming, if you’re a New World player, you should expect more downtime for that and other known issues.


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