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New World Continues Adding Servers With Four Regions Getting A New Option Today

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Amazon has announced another round of server openings for New World. There will be one new server added to each of the following regions: Central Europe, South America, US East, and US West. Downtime is expected today to get these new options up and running.

More recently, after a series of server merges left some regions with just one or two available servers, Amazon has seen an uptick in population and demand. Just in time for the first anniversary and especially with the October update set to bring a major new zone, Brimstone Sands, and a lot of new content and changes. The team has been carefully adding capacity and increasing stability to the existing servers, and sometimes gradually adding new ones to support the current level of demand.

Starting today at 12PM ET, downtime will begin to add the new server Asgard to Central Europe. Later in the day, work will begin in the other regions, to add the new server Lanka to South America, Themiscyra to US East, and Aukumea to US West. Down time for us West will begin around 6 p.m. Pacific, and once that is done, these four new servers will be up and ready for players to  create new characters or to use a transfer token to bring an existing character into a completely new world.

It's decision time again whether or not you want to start fresh or bring a leveled character over to start competing with advantages in this fresh territory. Of course, if you're looking to transfer you will have to own or purchase a transfer token,  but new characters can just be created. Once again, as with other previous server openings in recent weeks, there will be no increase in the character limit. So you can only have two characters in a single region.

For more on the updated server info, read the updates over at New World.


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