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New World Closes XP Bonus Events Slate With 'XP Extravaganza' From July 1-5th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Without a huge June content update, the Amazon Games team rolled out a series of XP bonus events all month, and the event schedule will come to a close with a special XP Extravaganza. This event will begin on Friday, July 1st and run through July 5th, with returning XP bonus events from the previous weeks running concurrently.

With the Steam sale and other recent additions like PvP arenas and the PvP XP system, the event might be a welcome one for those getting started in New World, are returning to the game to see what has changed, or just can't quit those alts. 

Beginning on Friday at 12am PDT, the following bonuses take effect:

   Double Weapon XP

    Double Gathering XP

    Double Refining XP

    Double Character Level XP

    1.25 Crafting XP

They’ll all be active throughout the July 4th weekend (until 12am PDT on Tuesday, July 5th).

What isn’t there is PvP XP, but the necessities for leveling or even trying something new, like a new weapon line, are there. If you’ve been playing since the PvP rewards track was added, you’ll know that Amazon has been tweaking the balance there. 

Still, if you are someone interested in checking out New World ahead of the July content update (which is still in PTR testing and has everything from removal of Tuning Orbs to the addition of new musical instruments), it’s not a bad time to log in.

Character XP will earn you double XP on top of rested XP. Refining skill XP refers to things like woodworking and weaving, so get your crafting hat on. Gathering will boost your fishing, harvesting, and mining, among others. 

For more on the XP bonus events, including each type of XP and how it applies, head over to the official event page over at New World.


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