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New World Closed Beta Hit Over 200K Concurrent Players Over The Weekend

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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New World has been trucking along since its closed beta hit Steam back on July 20th. Within a week the MMO has already seen over 200K players jump in at the same time, breaking that threshold on Sunday. This bodes pretty well for Amazon's MMO, and signals that this could end up being the studios' first successful game.

Within a day the MMO already broke over 180K concurrent users, and as Amazon has let more and more people into the closed beta, New World's player numbers continued to balloon. Over the weekend, SteamDB clocked upwards of 200,856 players conccurently on Sunday, sparking an all-time high for the beta. 

This is good news if you're Amazon, as the beta shows nearly 8 times more people playing New World's closed beta at one time than ever played Crucible concurrently, which was Amazon's last major game. Crucible, if you'll recall, was a team-based action PvP shooter which saw the game hit a concurrent peak of just over 25K players at one time during its short-lived life. 

New World has been hotly anticipated since it was announced, and MMO fans are eager for something new to play (even though this month has been a stellar month for MMOs), so it's not shocking that so many players have hopped into Aeternum over the weekend. Additionally, many are using this beta as a means to try out the game before they fully commit to it when the MMO hits officially on August 31st. We've been largely enjoying our time skinning turkeys and killing Corrupted, though the questing could use some tweaks to make them really satisfying.


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