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New World Character Names are Global and Account Locked

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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New World launches tomorrow, and there is one topic that anyone who has loved MMORPGs has encountered before - getting character names you want. The New World team has confirmed in response to a post on Reddit that character names are global and locked to an account, meaning that everything is a free for all once the servers open up.

Even if you delete a character, the name will remain bound to your account, so you will be able to simply create a character on an open server and delete it, with the name becoming available to you after a short delay. The community team member did confirm that company names, while also global, don't get locked if they're deleted or renamed. They're freed up instantly.

Given that most of the server opening times are designed to be around the same time globally, this is one area that could be helped by that timing decision. There are, however, sme discrepancies on when people will have access, and this particularly affects the Australian regional server launch time. Yet, this will be something that could cause disappointment for some who really have their hearts set on a particular character name. With some folks using the same name for years and even decades, there could be some day one trouble, so it might be wise to have a backup option or two.

It seems that if you're really set on a certain character name for your New World experience, your best option might be to create whatever character you can on the earliest opening servers available to you. Since the name is account bound, you can delete that character, wait a few minutes (there’s a short delay), then create one with your desired name.

Snagging your preferred MMO character name at launch, especially a major anticipated one, is something many MMO fans have stories about going back some time. New World launches tomorrow, so good luck to those who have specific names in mind.


Christina Gonzalez

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