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New World Brings Back the Giant Turkey, and Will Merge Some Legacy Servers After Fresh Start Success

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New Worlds next update will begin the Turkulon event and fix a number of issues when the patch arrives overnight. Due in part to Fresh Start success, Amazon will also merge some legacy servers later this week in order to balance populations.

The next patch, 1.7.2, will get downtime starting at 11PM PT tonight/ 2 AM ET and will bring back the giant turkey, the Turkulon, to Aeternum. The rest of the patch is mostly concerned with fixes and experience improvements, including fixes for quest glitches, potential solutions for things like achievements and titles not showing up properly, and a spell, Heru’s Divine Doom, ending too early. Other fixes address things that were not working as intended and giving advantages. The Heartrune of Stoneform was giving a speed boost after cleansing some status effects, and one spell was remaining active while other spells were used.

There’s even improved messaging to players letting them know when they’re on a full server. when it comes to server issues, this week, there will be another balancing change, with the new round of server merges.

Those server merges are happening on November 18th, and they’ll happen across game regions. The reason for these changes is not a negative one, as the New World team is making clear. When Fresh Start Worlds were announced and Brimstone Sands was released, there were a number of additional servers added to mitigate queues and wait times. The team opened everything carefully, and there was even a queue mitigation plan that was letting everyone know which servers might be most crowded and even in danger of being closed to new characters due to being too full.

Now,  after some of the population shifted over to Fresh Start and other  balance developments, they’re going to merge 16 servers across the regions for a better population. Affected servers will begin to get messaging and blocks for wars and events starting tonight to prepare them for the moves.

“As a reminder, we look into a combination of average concurrency, active characters, faction population, and more to determine which worlds should be merged,” reads the announcement. For full details, including which servers will merge, head to New World.


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