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New World Brimstone Sands Brings a New Zone, Revamped Early Game, New Expedition, and Story Content

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Yesterday, Amazon Game Studios announced that even more new servers would be opening with the Brimstone Sands update. Now that the update is set to go live, the official patch notes are here to reveal all that the packed update has to offer.

The Brimstone Sands zone itself is huge. In the release notes, it says to expect that it is “Roughly the size of 2.5 Everfalls”. Given that the new zone includes new territory to claim and control, new enemies, and new story content, it should keep everyone in Aeternum busy for a while. 

If you’re wondering just what awaits storywise, the promise of two major ancient civilizations’ influence awaits: The Egyptians and the Roman Empire. Both civilizations inspire new characters and story content here, including the new Ennead Expedition.

This expedition will take you into a set of ancient ruins where you can fight the Anubian Guardians and solve puzzles based in hieroglyphics. You'll explore some ancient mysteries, battle sand demons, and perhaps bring order to the region by helping the rightful ruler. Of course, you'll have to find out who that is.

Before you get started there though, new characters and those with room for alts can experience the revamped starting experience. New World’s early levels have been redesigned, based on player feedback and data. This means quest flow has been optimized, with some new quest dynamics, and streamlined story to get you up and going. There have been zone upgrades of various types, from new locations, new enemies, challenges, and more in zones and settlements like Everfall.

It's also October, and the New World team has not forgotten about Halloween. This year's event will run from today's launch of Brimstone Sands through November 1st for characters level 35 or higher who can grab a special event questline. 

Given all of what is in this update, there’s also the brand new weapon line –the Greatsword. This weapon comes with 2 skill trees to allow you versatility in your playstyle. also in the update is another way to customize how you play: the introduction of Heartgem Abilities  Gather the new Heartgems through various activities and learn some new abilities that range from the explosive Detonate AoE ability to Dark Ascent, where you grow Corrupted wings, fly up high, then come back slamming down on your enemies.

For more, see the full Brimstone Sands update notes over at New World.


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