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New World Breaks Down Its Pillars For Quest Design In New Blog Post

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Amazon's New World has been delayed multiple times since its initial early 2020 release date, with the bulk of the reasoning being to create more mid-to-end game content. The team at Amazon Game Studios shed some light behind some of the design pillars for the quests you'll find in New World.

One of the biggest concerns we've had in our preview events is the direction of the quests in New World. Many of the quests in the initial alpha last year seemingly were just "go here, kill X" or "gather X material," you know - standard MMO fare. However, without much direction or real world-building, it felt New World was relying inordinately on the players to create their own fun. 

As AGS continues to work on and refine New World ahead of its new launch date of August 31st, the team broke down some of its design philosophy behind the quests it's creating for the MMO. This includes creating adventures that "give players identity and purpose," with the goal to completely immerse them in the world.

"We want players to understand their role within the cataclysmic events unfolding across Aeternum, while learning how to navigate New World’s core systems and empowering them to experiment and discover which skills, activities, and gear best fit their playstyle."

New World since its March alpha test has improved the questing experience, by stating they've made adjustments to the new player starting area, as well as giving players more quest variety overall. Additionally, the team has included voice overs to their NPS, as well as improvements to the quest dialogue. 

You can check out the full write up on the New World blog. While the release date has been pushed back to August 31st, players could get their hands on early as the team is planning on a closed beta test for this coming July ahead of the August release.


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