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New World Begins Legacy Server Merges on December 1st

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Amazon will be merging some of New World’s legacy servers in all regions on December 1st. This process will address some of the population shifts that came with Fresh Start Worlds. 

Recently, in order to help smooth out the process when Fresh Start Worlds were set to open, and following the Brimstone Sands launch, the team opened some new servers in different regions to support the incoming population. New World had been seeing population growth for a while, leading to new servers opening in various regions gradually.  With a major new update and fresh start coming, Amazon decided to open more servers to have enough capacity to serve what they predicted was continued growth. 

Now that Fresh Start has been successful, they have seen population shifts, so this means that some of the older legacy servers have lost some numbers. The team’s notice, via the community manager Aenwen, notes that this doesn’t mean there has been a contraction, but populations have shifted in ways that aren’t serving some of the servers where those population drops have happened. 

“As a reminder, we look into a combination of average concurrency, active characters, faction population, and more to determine which worlds should be merged.” Like any other MMORPG, New World's competitive and grouping features simply need enough active players to sustain them.

These server merges will happen across all regions, and are fairly minimal. Four servers will become two in Central Europe and US-East, while both Australia and US-West will each merge two servers into one. 

For each of the affected servers, there will be a one-hour downtime starting at 11 PM PST when the team will add blocks for events like wars and invasions and messaging about the merges. When servers are merged, ownership on the server being merged into another sees ownership rescinded and the one merged into will keep claims as-is.

For details, including the list of affected servers, head to New World.


Christina Gonzalez

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