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New World Begins Delivering Second Round of Free Server Transfers

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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As recently confirmed, Amazon is giving all players of New World a new free character transfer. Like the previous transfer token, they will only be usable within the same region. They should be arriving for everyone no later than February 22nd.

With this second round of server transfers, Amazon will be marking some servers as full so that no characters can transfer to them or new characters created on the server while the status is active. This should help make sure that transfers are more evenly distributed instead of bottlenecking servers and causing further imbalances while leaving others emptier.

It seems that they have been working to find the balance and are moving ahead with this round. The transfers will only be good to transfer one character over to a new server so if you do have multiple characters, you’ll have to decide which one you want to move. If you have an unused transfer token from the previous round, once these are fully assigned you’ll have two so you can move a second character if you want.

When it comes to New World, there have been many observations about populations and drops over the past few months, so another round of transfers also makes sense in case your server was merged in a way that left you without a good faction population or simply without enough opportunity to succeed. This will also give players a chance to move and play with their friends as long as they are within the same region.

Although Amazon has talked about considering the process to provide regional transfers, say going from central Europe to US West, by early 2022 but they simply don’t have that in place yet. 

For full details on the second round of free character transfers, see the update over at New World.


Christina Gonzalez

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