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New World Bans Over 500 Players and Removes Substantial Number of Items Duped in Glitch

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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After the New World team had to take action on an item duplication bug that was subsequently exploited,  wealth transfers were off again for about two days until the bug was patched. That turnaround was quick, but the team has been working through both helping blunt damage to the economy and following through on promises of consequences for the exploiters.

Now, Amazon has updated on progress on that last front. Initially, there were a number of temporary suspensions as well as some permanent bans for those deemed to have taken part in the exploit in some way. If it was someone directly exploiting the bug, the punishment was more severe, but other players that might have accidentally duped items or possibly received them were kept waiting on temporary bans. 

A substantial number of duped items had flooded into the economy, and naturally there was concern on the effect that might have, so Amazon worked to remove as many of the duped items as possible. 

Ultimately, the team was able to remove most of the  duplicated items from the game and announced that over 500 players were permanently banned for being the most active exploiters. Those who were still temporarily banned are now seeing their accounts restored to normal access. 

As for impact to the economy by the duped items that are still floating around the game? This should not have too much of an impact. According to AGS, “Some of the high value items the team removed include eggs, trophy materials, powerful incense, etc. However, the team believes that the remaining items will not have a long term impact on the economy.”

With New World’s various item and gold dupe bugs that have happened since launch, the team does seem to be working to reduce the impact when it does happen. 

For more, see the update over at New World.


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