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New World August Community Q&A is Heavy on Expansion Questions

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New World  got a new Forged in Aeternum episode, this time with the August community Q&A. Topics covered include the first expansion, feedback on the summer patches, fixing bugs, and more.

This time, the video is in a new location, and they even address that we’ll know why they’re in a different–albeit temporary– location in a coming dev update. So, this is one of the first hints of a kind. Other hints are directly about the game. The first question they respond to is about the upcoming expansion. Ever since Amazon decided to change the New World update cadence  into a seasonal model with expansions, we've had two seasons start, but almost nothing on the planned expansion.

No, they haven’t revealed all about the expansion. Or anything, really, since they’re not ready just yet. There will be a dev update coming soon that we can expect will be a deep dive on the expansion. There were a few small details. The expansion will go to the PTR first, but it will be a short PTR probably to handle some last polish. They do promise in that dev update, that we will learn more about their plans on a number of reworks that they are working on for the expansion (and beyond?). Another detail from this Q&A? “Loot is a huge focus for the expansion.”

Some of the questions were about bugs that arose with recent patches. The August 3rd patch introduced some desync lag when teleporting in Outpost Rush and 3v3 Arenas. Since a desync problem is complex to resolve, they are actively working on it and they do have a few specific fixes for some of the particular problems that are showing up within this larger bug.

The team also promised that there will be an upcoming short Balance of Power episode on the PvP track improvements and issues relating to BIS gear.

Overall, they acknowledge that the August Community Q&A is perhaps raising more questions than it answers but those dev updates and reveals on the expansion are "right around the corner".

For more, see the full Q&A and head to New World. 


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