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New World and Lost Ark Are Experiencing Serious Lag and Stability Issues, Amazon Promises Updates

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Amazon Games is reporting some stability issues and lag on both Lost Ark and New World. Both games got separate messages to the community advising that their respective teams are aware that there are issues happening after community members began reporting issues and error messages.

While the cause hasn't yet been identified and there's no ETA on service improvements, both teams promise to update when more info is available.

New World players began reporting that they were getting a "lag detected" message and Community Manager Luxendra reported that the team is investigating and working on it, noting that lag and stability issues were happening on various servers. 

“We are aware of various servers experiencing the “Lag Detected” message and the engineerers [sic] are currently investigating.

We will provide a status update once we know more.”

One post on the official New World forum was in regards to the Dry Tree server and reported that player characters were being teleported all over by lag.

Around the same time that the post was made on the New World forums, Community Manager Roxx posted on the Lost Ark forum about similar issues experienced by the community involving lag and server disconnects:

“The team is aware of the current issues involving in-game lag and server disconnects across all regions, and is currently investigating this situation. We appreciate the reports, and will keep players updated as things progress.”

There is no word yet on what’s causing the issues, but given that Amazon Game Studios publishes both, and similar issues are being reported for both games, it would make sense for things to be related. While that’s not confirmed, and there’s little info right now,  if you play either one of these games, it might be a good idea to steer clear and keep track of those official threads for an update.


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