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New World Adds Halloween Costumes, Dyes, Masks and Items to the Shop, Including a Free Jack O'Lantern

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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New World has been out for several weeks, and it has been a very busy month indeed. Now, Amazon has released the game's very first store update, and the Halloween spirit is sure with the new additions.

First, there's a free item to collect if you'd like to decorate a bit, Scapegrace Jack's Happy Lantern. You can claim this from the store through November 15th. Also from today through November 15th are a series of cosmetic items that will help you make your adventure in Aeternum a little more your own. 

There are armor skins to change up your look and add a touch of the festive season with it, like the Bloodthirsty Count, Shroud of the Pharaoh, and Skeletal Chevalier, all inspired by classic monsters. Weapons skins arrive too and will also work to add a corresponding look. Choose from the Frankenstein Hammer, Skeletal Rapier, Pharaoh's Curse, Black Widow Staff, and Crimson Bloodlock to transform your weapons' looks.

There are a number of new housing items in this update, including a bunch of spooky items in a bundle that will turn your home into just the right place to party for Halloween or just to spend time in if you're all abouot that creepy decor. Some of the included items in the bundle include a Haunted Candelabra, Stolen Gravestone, Enchanted Broom, Bubbling Cauldron, and more for the perfect haunted house.

There are two new emotes, coin toss, and courteous applause for when you're indecisive what to do next in Aeternum or feel like awarding enough approval. Finally, there are a series of masks and five new dye packs that can be applied in-game to your armor sets. The masks won't be available until October 26th, however, so you'll have a little more time to save those Marks before being able to get totally spooky. 

For more on the entire New World store update, check out the announcement post here.


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