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New World Adds Garnet Gypsum and Adjusts PvP Rewards Again, Tying Them to Number of Matches Won

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The next update for New World  will be coming overnight, and after none last week, brings another round of PVP reward adjustments, some bug fixes, including a fix for main storyline progress and one with storage.

It's time once again to make some changes to PVP rewards in order to balance them. PvP Arenas will see an adjustment of PVP XP and Azoth Salt now based on the number of rounds players win in each match. If you win 0 matches, you'll still get a reward of 350 XP and 75 salt for your efforts, and this goes up from there. Players who win one match will get 600 XP and 150 salt. Two victories gets you 750 XP and 350 salt. Winning the match with three rounds won gets you 1000 XP and 500 salt. 

The Amazon team is also adding a new type of Gypsum that you can only get from PvP Arenas called Garnet Gypsum. You'll be able to earn up to two per day and you can craft a Gypsum Orb with each Garnet Gypsum you get. This will be a 100% guaranteed job if you win three rounds and win the match. 

Win less than that, and you will have a 50% chance of a drop. Amazon is making sure that even if you don't win you still have that 50% chance at a Gypsum drop. While some may not like the idea that you can walk away with rewards for losing all rounds, it does work to still encourage players to keep trying and learn better strategies.

Also in the update is a fix to an issue that caused interacting with some objects to  prevent players from progressing through the main story quest line. Another fixed issue was making players lose overflow items when adding to their storage and reaching the placement cap of 500 items.

Head over to New World for the patch notes.


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