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New World Adds a New Leaderboard, Guarantees Rare Craft Mods, and Makes Good on Lost Items

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New World’s latest update adds a new leaderboard into the mix, fixes some issues with the Legacy of Crassus event, and compensates affected players for week one Leaderboard issues and unavailabilty.

With changes on the way for New World’s updates, and the first seasonal update on the PTR as of today, the team is cleaning up some things with this week’s update. First, there were a few issues with the new Legacy of Crassus event. The event was despawning for some, so this was the priority fix. The team also addressed some other issues, one having to do with rewards. since they’ve designed this event to have more consistent and rarer rewards, when they noticed that the craft mods that were dropping weren’t among the high rarity tiers, they adjusted them. Now, not only will the potential rewards be limited to a pool of 12 rare craft mods, there will be one of these guaranteed in each Crassus crate you get.

There’s a new leaderboard available to fill a gap. Added to the “vs. Players” PvP subcategory is the new Open World PvP Kills Leaderboard. With the dozens of initial boards added with the last big update, it seems that there’s still room for more iteration, especially if there’s enough community feedback on something that distinctly feels like it’s an oversight.

With regards to Leaderboards, the update that brought them to New World had a major issue with the Mutated Expeditions leaderboards. The Amazon Games team initially warned people from opening those boards before just temporarily disabling that section to work on resolving the issue. Then, there were a number of players that did not receive their earned rewards after the first week that Leaderboards were live. 

The team notes that  with today’s maintenance, “Our team has completed this task; all titles and skins should now have been returned to players that missed out on week 1 Leaderboard rewards”.

Read more over at New World.


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