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New World Addresses Post-Update Stability Issues and PTR Criticism

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After yesterday's major update, performance and stability issues caused the Amazon team to take down New World’s servers to fix to address these issues.  They also temporarily disabled the ability to gather some elemental creatures because they were dropping more resources than intended. They also took the time to address some player frustrations regarding updates.

As with any game, there are some bugs that arise when there's an update, but with New World, community frustration at the number of incidents and pacing is understandable. Some members took issue with the balance changes, including criticism of using the PTR as a “hype server”.

Community Manager NW_Mugsy  took the time to respond saying that “the PTR is a super important opportunity for us to collect feedback and fug reports. I know it might feel like if you don't see that feedback implemented in the next release it is being ignored but that isn't the case”. Feedback and data do take time to hammer out and Implement, which is a fair thing to remind the community about.

Yet, given how New World’s release has gone, it's also understandable to be frustrated. NW_Mugsy addressed this in the same thread, noting that they didn't use the PTR as a “hype server” but as a  way to gather feedback and figure out the best way to move forward, while still acknowledging the frustration on both sides. The dev team wants people to be able to get in and enjoy their game, but you can only push updates and bug fixes once they are developed and tested thoroughly. Given the release this far, thorough testing and being a little on the cautious side might just have to be expected. It seems the team may be trying to find the sweet spot between fixing and sustaining the game and reducing frustration.

For more on the stability update, see this update post on New World. 


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