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New World Adding More Servers For Brimstone Sands, 'Queue Mitigation', and Transfers for Returning Players

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Tomorrow, New World will get its Brimstone Sands update, bringing a huge new zone, a new expedition, new story content, and much more. Today, Amazon has announced even more new servers are opening, how “queue mitigation” will work, and an opportunity for some returning players to transfer a character to one of the new servers.

In the weeks leading up to the update, Amazon has been adding some new servers to handle a mix of anticipated demand and growing player activity on the existing servers. Before opening more new servers, the New World team had already increased capacity. They also released a demand heatmap last week, showing which servers, on an ongoing basis, looked likely to not be too overloaded, at risk of being overloaded, and at the highest predicted demand, were in danger of being locked to new characters or transfers.

Once maintenance ends and the update is live, there will be three additional EU Central servers, including two intended to support another language (one will be French/English and the other, German/English). US East will get two more new servers, with US West getting one more, and both South America and Asia-Pacific Southeast will get one more each.

Amazon is also prepared with what it is calling queue mitigation methods. All of the regions will actually have more servers available on standby in case the demand outpaces expectations. But as queues start to form, the team may temporarily lock character creation and transfers, as previously stated when revealing the heatmap. If maximum capacity is approaching and sustained, they may turn to opening those standby servers.

They have also announced that returning players who have not logged in since February 14th, 2022, when they last gave  out server transfer tokens to all  eligible accounts, will be able to transfer to any of the new servers without using up any transfer tokens they still have in their inventory.

You can read the full announcement over at New World. 


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