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New World 2022 Roadmap is Out, Tempest's Heart on PTR, Highlighted in March Dev Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 It’s time once again for the New World team to look ahead to what’s coming in the March update, with a new Dev Update video with members of the team, and a 2022 roadmap. There’s also a brand new update for the PTR that gives us a peek at just what some of those features and changes will look like.

In the latest video, they highlight the new Tempest’s Heart Expedition and the new weapon type, the mid-range Blunderbuss. The Blunderbuss, the new weapon, brings a mid-range option to the weapon selection, and is strength-based.  Tempest’s Heart is the culmination of the Isabella story, with several phases and encounters. Their intention here is intended to dive into the corruption and chaos angles of Expeditions, in an effort to emphasize the psychological effect of all of this, including in Isabella’s story. The team is also working on new options that can give solo players ways to complete the main story questline without necessarily having to go through the Expeditions in the same way.

On the PTR, the Tempest’s Heart Expedition now has Mutators enabled, letting players test the more challenging version of the layered encounters. With this change, there’s also appropriate gear and resources to enable testing, as well as updated backstories. If testing, you’ll have to make a new character for this phase to be able to get appropriately geared. There are also updated rewards for beating bosses.

The Blunderbuss is also getting changes based on feedback. The team seems to be taking a more careful approach this time. Several changes have nerfed the weapon, with base damage going from 80-75 and Mortar Charge damage decreased and a damage bonus from streak removed. Looks like there’s still some more tuning needed.

 New World's 2022 roadmap outline is also here, with the spring also bringing 3v3 PvP arenas and a PvP reward track. For summer, we can expect an event,  the Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition, as well as an Expedition group finder. In the fall, they’re planning to release the Brimstone Sands territory, a new Ennead Expedition, and leaderboards. There will also be a new weapon, the Greatsword and a couple of holiday themed events.


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